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Departmental Question Paper(Descriptive) and Tentative Answer Keys(Objective)

Departmental Examination May-2019 (DOE - 08.06.2019 TO 15.06.2019)

S No.Test Code
Name of the Test
Tentative Objective Answer Key / Descriptive Question Paper
1 001Industries & Comm. Dept.-Suprs - Co-op Gen. Paper-I
2002Tamil Nadu Medical Code Test
3003Survey Dept.-Draughtsman Test-Paper I
4 004Survey Dept.-Field Surveyor's Test-Paper I
5 005Survey Dept.-Dy Insp.Land Records Test Paper-I
6 006Municipal Admn. Dept-Municipal Commr-Test-Part-I
7 007Transport Dept. Test on Motor Vehicles Act & Rules
8008RD&PD-T.N.P. Act 1994 & Rules & Constitution of India
9009TNSM Vol-I Test for the Staff of TNPSC
10010RD&PD-Scheme Administration
11011Industries & Comm. Dept.-Suprs - Co-op Gen. Paper-II
12 012Industries & Comm Dept-Suprs. - Industrial Co-operation
13013Survey Dept.-Sub. Insp.Land Records Test Paper-I
14014Survey Dept.-Senior Draughtsman Test Paper-I
15015Survey Dept.-Head Draughtsman Test Paper-I
16016Municipal Admn. Dept-Municipal Commr-Test-Part-II
17 017Transport Dept. Test in the Code of Criminal Procedure
18018General Educational Test of the S.S.L.C. Standard - Paper – II - General KnowledgeVIEW
19 019Second Class Lang. Test (Full Test) Parts-A, B, C & DVIEW
20020Highways Dept. Test for Audit Superintendents Paper-IVIEW
21021Translation Test Paper-I (English to Tamil )VIEW
22022Translation Test Paper-I (English to Telugu)VIEW
23023Translation Test Paper-I (English to Malayalam)VIEW
24 024Translation Test Paper-I (English to Hindi)VIEW
25 025Translation Test Paper-I (English to Urdu)VIEW
26026Translation Test Paper-I (English to Kannada)VIEW
27027Edu Dept-Spl.Lang.Test-Officers of Education Dept. Paper-IVIEW
28 028Commercial Tax -Translation Test for Members-Gujarathi---
29 029Commercial Tax -Translation Test for Members-Hindi---
30 030Highways Dept. Test for Audit Superintendents Paper-IIIVIEW
31 031Survey Dept.-Draughtsman Test-Paper IIVIEW
32 032Survey Dept.-Field Surveyor's Test-Paper IIVIEW
33 033Survey Dept.-Dy Insp.Land Records Test Paper-IIVIEW
34034Edu Dept-Adv.Lang.Test-Officers of TNESS Tamil Paper-IVIEW
35 035Highways Dept. Test for Audit Superintendents Paper-IIVIEW
36 036Translation Test Paper-II (Tamil to English)VIEW
37037Translation Test Paper-II (Telugu to English)VIEW
38 038Translation Test Paper-II (Malayalam to English)VIEW
39 039Translation Test Paper-II (Hindi to English)VIEW
40 040Translation Test Paper-II (Urdu to English)---
41 041Translation Test Paper-II (Kannada to English)---
42 042Edu Dept-Spl.Lang.Test-Officers of Education Dept. Paper-IIVIEW
43043General Educational Test of the S.S.L.C. Standard - Paper - I - General TamilVIEW
44044General Educational Test of the S.S.L.C. Standard - Paper - I - General English---
45 045Survey Dept.-Sub. Insp.Land Records Test Paper-IIVIEW
46046Survey Dept.-Head Draughtsman Test Paper-IIVIEW
47 047Survey Dept.-Senior Draughtsman Test Paper-IIVIEW
48 048Edu Dept-Adv.Lang.Test-Officers of TNESS Tamil Paper-IIVIEW
49049Industries & Comm -Suprs- Co-op. Accts.& Audit - Bk & SP
50050LFAD-Subordinate Accounts Service Examn Paper-II
51 051Co-operative Department Test-Co-operation
52 052National Employment Service Test for Members of TNMS
53 053Fire Service Dept. Test for Officers - First Paper
54 054Fisheries Department Test -II Part -A- Marine Fisheries
55 055Criminal Judicial Test Part-I, IPC (General Principles)
56056RD&PD- Poverty alleviation through Self-Help groups
57 057Co-operative Department Test -Book Keeping
58 058National Employment Service Test for the Officers
59059Fire Service Dept. Test for Officers- Second Paper
60 060Fisheries Department Test -II Part -B - Inland Fisheries
61 061Co-operative Dept. Test-Co-operative Credit and Banking
62 062Judl Dept-JAs in Admntr-Gen & Official Trustee Paper-II
63 063Inds&Comm-Suprs of Indl Co-op-Busi Admn incl.Cost Acct
64 064LFAD-Commercial Book-keeping
65 065Edu Dept-TN School Education Admn Test Paper-I
66066Fire Service Department Test- T.N. Fire Service Manual
67 067Fisheries Dept. Test -II Part -C - Fisheries Technology
68 068Co-operative Dept-Co-op Management & Administration
69 069Criminal Judl. Test Part-II CrPC. (General Principles)
70 070Evaluation & Applied Research Department Test
71 071Co-operative Department Test-Auditing
72 072Edu Dept-TN School Education Admn Test Paper II
73073Forest Department Test - Forest Law & Forest Revenue
74 074Wakf Board-Paper II (General Principles)
75 075Economics and Statistics Department Test
76 101Revenue Test-Part-I
77 102LFAD-Subordinate Accounts Service Examn Paper-I
78 103Criminal Judicial Test Part-I, IPC (Detailed Applications)
79104Forest Department Test - TN Forest Dept. Code & Accounts
80105Judl Dept-Members-Civil & Crml Judl Test- Part-I
81 106Highways - Account Test for HD Officers & Sub.Paper-I
82 107Prisons Dept.-Jail Test Part - I (a)
83 108HR&CE-Appointment as A.A.Os in Audit Wing -Part-I (a)
84 109Registration Department Test-Group-I-Paper-I
85 110PWD-Account Test for PWD Officers & Subordinates Part-I
86 111RD&PD-Tamil Nadu Tender Act 1998 &Tender Rules 2000
87 112Maritime Board Department Test-Lower GradeVIEW
88 113Revenue Test-Part-II
89 114LFAD-Subordinate Accounts Service Examn Paper-IV
90 115Criminal Judl. Test Part-II CrPC. (Detailed Applications)
91 116Judl Dept-Members-Civil & Crml Judl Test- Part-II
92 117Highways - Account Test for HD Officers & Sub.Paper-II
93 118Prisons Dept.-Jail Test Part - I (b)
94 119HR&CE-Appointment as A.A.Os in Audit Wing -Part-I (b)
95 120Registration Department Test-Group-I-Paper-II
96 121Forest Dept- Fundamental Rules of TN Govt & TNSS Rules
97 122PWD-Account Test for PWD Officers & Subordinates Part-II
98 123RD&PD-Tech. Skills e-gov modules RD Schemes &Admn.
99 124Account Test for Subordinate Officers Part-I
100 125Highways Dept. Test for Audit Assistants Paper-I
101 126Highways Dept. Test for Audit Superintendents Paper-IV
102 127Prisons-Officers of Probation Br.-Part- I Section-A
103128Agricultural Marketing Department Employees Test
104 129Commercial Taxes Acts-Part-I
105 130HR&CE-Appointment as A.A.Os in Audit Wing -Part-II (a)
106 131Prisons Dept.-Jail Test Part - I (c)
107 132Fisheries Dept.Test- I -TN.Fisheries Manual Part- I & II
108 133Registration Department Test-Group-II
109 134RD&PD-Tamil Nadu Panchayat Act 1994 & Rules.
110 135Maritime Board Department Test-Higher GradeVIEW
111 136Revenue Test-Part-III
112 137Account Test for Subordinate Officers Part-II
113 138LFAD-Subordinate Accounts Service Examn Paper-III
114 139Highways Dept. Test for Audit Assistants Paper-II
115 140Highways Dept. Test for Audit Superintendents Paper-V
116141HR&CE (Admn) Dept. Test Paper-I
117 142Prisons -Officers of Probation Br.-Part -I Section-B
118 143Judl Dept-Members-Civil & Crml Judl Test- Part-III
119 144Criminal Judicial Test Part-III Indian Evidence Act
120 145Commercial Taxes Acts-Part-II
121 146HR&CE-Appointment as A.A.Os in Audit Wing -Part-II (b)
122 147Registration Department Test-Group-III
123 148Prisons-Jail Test Part-II Juvenile Justice(Children)Act 2000
124 149Stationery & Printing Dept-Test for Govt. Press Officers
125150Departmental Test for Officers of the Probation Branch of the Jail Department Part-II Section - A (Without Books)
126151Departmental Test for Officers of the Probation Branch of the Jail Department Part-II – Section-B (Without Books)
127152Account Test for Executive Officers
128 153LFAD- Test for Local Fund Audit & Internal Audit Dept.
129154TWAD-Departmental Test
130 155Commercial Taxes Acts-Part-III
131 156HR&CE - Land Laws and other Religious Acts
132 157Judl Dept-JAs in Admntr-Gen & Official Trustee Paper-I
133158Khadi & Village Industries Board Paper-I (Tamil)
134 159Stationery & Printing Dept Test-Part-A
135 160Labour and Factories Department Test -Part-A
136 161Agricultural Department Test for Members of TNMS
137 162Animal Husbandry Department Test
138 163HR&CE-(Admn) Dept. Test Paper-II
139 164Treasuries & Accts.Dept.Test for Subordinate Officers
140 165Stationery & Printing Dept Test-Part-B
141 166RD&PD -Panchayat Development Account Test
142 167Agricultural Department Test for Technical Officers
143168Khadi & Village Industries Board Paper-II
144 169Police Dept Test for Junior Assistants
145 170Labour and Factories Department Test -Part-B
146 171Wakf Board-Paper I (Detailed Application)
147 172 Tamil Nadu Government Office Manual Test
148173Social Welfare Deptl Exam Paper I - Child DevelopmentVIEW
149174Social Welfare Deptl Exam Paper II - NutritionVIEW
150175Social Welfare Deptl Exam Paper III - Social Legislations(Part I)VIEW
151176Social Welfare Deptl Exam Paper IV - Social Legislation(Part II)VIEW
152177Social Welfare Deptl Exam Paper V - Advanced LawVIEW
Note: Representations if any shall be sent so as to reach the Commission's Office within 7 days. Representations received after 28th June 2019,5.45PM will receive no attention.
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