IFHRMS Instruction : Entries to be completed before 18.06.2022

     Dear All,

It is requested to ensure that the following entries are completed in IFHRMS before the payroll run i.e *18.06.2022*

➢ Transfer entries and Relieving order entries (Including Foreign Service and Training Cases) 

➢ Joining report entry by individual and Joining Entries, Transit Pay entries by DDOs 

➢ Post continuation G.O entries ➢ Increment entries, Pay Fixation Entries, if any > Correction in Dues and deductions 

➢ Income tax deduction amount 

➢ NSD updation 

➢ GPF subscription updation (Only in March), if any. 

➢ Leave Application entries 

 Leave sanction entries

 ➢ Disciplinary action entries 

➢Retirement / VRS/ Death entries etc., 

➢ Any other Transactions affecting the pay bills of employees This will help all of us to prepare pay bills within due dates and avoid mark for retry. This will also help to maintain the server stability.


Further, for any employees, if salary is not processed in (June 2022) current month , *kindly don't move the employees to another bill group* and keep idle. Instead, you can remove the particular employees from payroll through the below process. 

 *Finance -> Payroll --> Results --> Select particular employee and click Remove from current  payroll* 

Please note, after the " *Remove From Payroll* ", if you are claiming June 2022 in June 2022 itself, then mark schedule run in the system and generate the salary bill by selecting the same bill group and " *Regular Salary Type* ". If the June 2022 salary is claimed in July 2022 or later, please generate the salary bill payments through the supplementary regular type.*Pls don't use Regular Salary Type.* 

It is also noticed that in spite of regular reminders, most of the DDOs failed to complete *Remove from current payroll* and struggling to make salary payments for such employees in the subsequent months especially arrear bills.


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